Sweet Sundays: Greenwell Springs Library & Peach Snowballs

East Baton Rouge’s nationally acclaimed library system (which has recently gone fine free) is truly a hidden gem in this city! The designated play and read areas are always a treat for a our small children. This Sunday morning, we ventured out into the heat to the Greenwell Springs Library .

The children’s area is fully stocked with books and activity areas for a multitude of ages! Each library features storytimes and grab-and-go activities. The entrance is a long walkway lined with books, leading to a tablet table, and child-sized computers. At the center is the librarian desk, with friendly ladies that always greet us with a smile. Each of the bookshelves has stuffed animals on them, which my toddler loves to look at.

You just have to love these liquid color sensory floor tiles! I didnt get a picture, but the high ceiling in this area has colored panes that light up the space wonderfully.

This Lego block table is a huge hit with my 4-year old, and we’ve had fun building with other children during our visits. Bonus: the family restroom located in the children’s area is clutch! These rocker egg thingy chairs are also comfortable to relax in while the kids play. The entire area has child sized stools, which are always nice for smaller children.

This cute little coloring area is stocked with print-outs, and jumbo sized crayons for tiny hands. I enjoy the coloring area, and am guilty of coloring a few printouts myself! My 4-year old’s art was hung on the art gallery wall. I could tell she felt very proud to see her paper hanging with other children’s art work.

Finally the icing on the cake is play room in the back that features a kitchen, LED light table with letter blocks, computers, and nesting boxes with cars. How awesome is it that a library has all of those play opportunities for children?

Every EBR library has a musical clock that plays at the hour, which is the perfect segway to ending our visit. My 1-year old just squeals when the music plays from the clock, and its truly a small delight.

We ended our outing with drive-thru snowballs from Partners Sneauxballs ! With temperatures in the 100s (and our governor declaring a state emergency), our family beats the heat with libraries and sweet ice. A mini Peach for me of course! I try very hard to enjoy all the beautiful places this city offers, and this Sunday was another peaceful family day in the books!